We’re creating a whole new kind of virtual performer, one that can produce a realistic singing voice. And we need your help!

You'll need a good vocal technique: pitch and dynamic control. You'll also need good recording conditions (a decent microphone and a quiet room).

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Record your voice following our script (approximately two and a half hours). We will then process your recordings to create a synthetic version of your voice.

Q: Does this mean that us singers are going to be replaced by robots?
A: Not at all, first because a human singer will always be more expressive than a virtual one. And second, our synthetic voices (SV) don’t go on stage. They do not replace you, they give producers the opportunity to create songs with your SV, and maybe the desire to work with you IRL.

Q: What control do I have over my synthetic voice?
A. We understand that your voice is unique and precious, and that you should ultimately decide what is done - or not - with it. You will be able to choose to appear publicly as one of our “voicers” and interact with our community of users, or remain anonymous.

Q: What do I get in return?
A. We’re still building this product! But we’re committed to offering you a fair share of the revenue generated by your SV. By being part of our team, you’re joining a small company with big projects. 

Q: Ok, what’s the next step?
A: Please send a demo (a capella with no effects preferred, otherwise a song with minimal effects on your voice) to rodolphe@emvoiceapp.com